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The Microbiology Team at DSH

The microbiology laboratory runs with minimum number of personnel from hospital. In fact, there has been no addition of man power in the last one decade. However, we have quite a few personnel from the collaborative studies. The department functions in a way that all the personnel, either supported by the hospital or collaborative studies are interactive and they share each others work. Furthermore, we get partial support from the department of pathology.

In the diagnostic side we have two technologists and two lab attendants, who are supported by DSH. On the other hand, research side has a laboratory manager, 2 study physicians, 4 microbiologists, 4 community health workers, 2 technologists, 1 data entry person, and 4 laboratory attendants. It also needs to be mentioned here that a senior consultant supervises all the work and administration of the department.

Mentoring the Graduates

The department has trained a large number microbiology graduates, physicians and technologists. Until now, 7 graduates (microbiologists/doctors/biochemists) have gone abroad, and are working for their Ph.D and post doctoral degrees in different parts of the world. All these graduates started their carrier in this department and had the basic training from this laboratory. In addition to that 3 of our existing personnel had the training from Oxford University of UK, Nagasaki University of Japan and Centre for Disease Control of Atlanta, USA.

Furthermore, several physicians worked in the collaborative clinical research projects of this department. All these doctors got trained on clinical research methodology and good patient care through their work with the international counter parts.



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