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Department of Microbiology, DSH

Department of Microbiology of Dhaka Shishu Hospital (DSH) started its journey in 1983 with very limited resources in the corridor of the Department of Pathology. However, lack of space and limitation of resources were taken as a challenge, and that was the driving force to move forward.

As a whole, DSH is a resource poor organization. However, commitments are enormous and priorities are many. There is staggering number of issues to be addressed and so it is not easy to decide on the priorities to be addressed. The priorities of DSH start from providing free beds to 'no cost' investigation facilities, through free food for the mothers and the children of more than 50% of in-patients. Considering this fact, the department, since its commencement, aimed to collect its major supplies, capital equipments, etc. from external sources, so the hospital can use its limited resources for other competing priorities.

Although the department primarily started with the responsibility to give services to the hospital by building its diagnostic capacity, research came in a passive way as an intrinsic component of basic science. Department of Microbiology, therefore, aimed to do the best in both --- diagnostics and research. These two components are complementary to each other as we always prioritize those research topics which have implications in improving the diagnostic microbiology and influencing the child health policy matters. This small brochure will describe different components of the department including its capacity, activities, achievements, contributions and so on.



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